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Code of Conduct

CODE OF CONDUCT for Parents, Players and Coaches

Players, coaches, officials, parents and spectators are to conduct themselves in a manner that demonstrates respect to other players, coaches, officials, parents, spectators and fans. In becoming a member of this organization, an individual assumes certain obligations and responsibilities to the organization and its participants. The essential elements in this Code of Conduct are HONESTY and INTEGRITY. Those who conduct themselves in a manner that reflects these elements will bring credit to themselves, their team and their organization. It is only through such conduct that our organization can continue to earn and maintain a positive image and make its full contribution to our sport and community. 

The following essential elements of the Code of Conduct must be followed:

1. Sportsmanship and teaching the concepts of fair play are essential to the game and must be taught at all levels and developed both at home and on the field during practices and games.

2. The value of good sportsmanship, the concepts of fair play, and the skills of the game should always be placed above winning.

3. The safety and welfare of the players are of primary importance.

4. Players should always demonstrate positive behavior and respect toward teammates, opponents, coaches, officials, parents and spectators.

5. Coaches, players, parents and spectators are expected to demonstrate the utmost respect for officials and reinforce that respect to players/teammates. 

6. Grievances or misunderstandings between coaches, officials or any other parties involved with the organization should be communicated through the proper channels and procedures, never on or about the field of play in view of spectators or participants. 

7. Spectators involved with the game must never permit anyone to openly or maliciously criticize, badger, harass or threaten an official, coach, player or opponent.

8. Eligibility requirements, at all levels of the game, must be followed. Rules and requirements such as age, previous level of participation, team transfers, etc., have been established to encourage and maximize participation, fair play and to promote safety.

24 Hour Rule

The 24 hour rule is a standard our club uses to prevent discussions regarding playing time, positions, tactics, or general decision making immediately following a game. Coaches will not discuss a game or situation until at least 24 hours have passed.

It is essentially a cooling off period that removes emotion from the conversation, which allows both parties to collect their thoughts prior to speaking about any issues. 

This rule does two things.  First, it moves the discussion away from the presence of players.  Second, it allows all parties to have time to put things in perspective and "cool off", if necessary.

By signing the waiver, you agree to uphold and implement the 24 hour rule.

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